Arts courses

Courses satisfying Learning Outcome #1: Arts

Arts courses that satisfy  Learning Outcome #1 have not yet been decided on by  faculty. Such courses would satisfy the Arts Rubric, and will probably be assessed by some subcommittee of the Core Review Committee.

BoR regulation R10.04.040.    requires Arts courses to be

… those that provide the student with an introduction to the visual arts and performing arts as academic disciplines as opposed to those that emphasize acquisition of skills.


  • THR 121 Fundamentals of Acting
  • THR 254 Beginning Costume Construction
  • THR 245 Stage Management
  • THR 356 Costume Design
  • THR 215 Dramatic Literature
  • THR 241 Basic Stagecraft
  • THR 347 Lighting Design
  • THR 348 Sound Design in the Entertainment Industry
  • FLM 172 – Previsualization and Preproduction in Digital Cinema
  • FLM 271 – Let’s Make a Movie
  • FLM 280 – Video Storytelling
  • FLM 290 – Digital Video Editing