Humanities Courses

Courses satisfying Learning Outcome #1: Humanities Courses

Humanities courses that satisfy  Learning Outcome #1 have not yet been decided on by  faculty. Such courses would satisfy the  Humanities Rubric, and will probably be assessed by some subcommittee of the Core Review Committee.

It is anticipated that Humanities courses that currently satisfy the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements will satisfy the requirement for Learning Outcome 1. In addition, some of the current Perspectives on the Human Condition courses satisfy this requirement.

BoR regulation R10.04.040.  requires Humanities courses to be

General humanities courses  introduce the student to the humanistic fields of language, arts, literature, history, and philosophy within the context of their traditions.

Note that students are required to take two courses (6 credits) from the following list to satisfy Learning Outcome 1.


  • HUM F201X–Unity in the Arts (3)
  • ANS F202X–Aesthetic Appreciation of Alaskan Native
    Performance (3)–3 credits
  • BA F323X–Business Ethics (3)
  • COMM F300X–Communicating Ethics (3)
  • JUST F300X–Ethics and Justice (3)
  • NRM F303X–Environmental Ethics and Actions (3)
  • PS F300X–Ethics and Society (3)
  • PHIL F322X–Ethics (3)
  • ENGL/FL F200X–World Literature (3)
  • semester-length courses in a single Alaska Native language or other non-English language
  • courses in American Sign Language taken at the university level.