Mathematics courses

Courses satisfying Learning Outcome #1: Mathematics

Mathematics courses that satisfy  Learning Outcome #1 have not yet been decided on by  faculty. Such courses would satisfy the  Mathematics Rubric, and will probably be assessed by some subcommittee of the Core Review Committee.

It is anticipated that mathematics courses that currently satisfy the Baccalaureate Core requirements will satisfy the requirement for Learning Outcome 1.


– MATH F103X–Concepts and Contemporary Applications of Mathematics (3)
– MATH F107X–Functions for Calculus* (4)
– MATH F161X–Algebra for Business and Economics* (3)
– STAT F200X–Elementary Probability and Statistics (3)
– MATH F200X–Calculus I** (4)
– MATH F201X–Calculus II (4)
– MATH F202X–Calculus III (4)
– MATH F262X–Calculus for Business and Economics** (4)
– MATH F272X–Calculus for Life Sciences**  (4)–3 – 4 credits

Or any math course having one of these as a prerequisite

* No credit may be earned for more than one of MATH F107X or F161X.
**No credit may be earned for more than one of Math F200X, F262X or F272.