Social Sciences Courses

Courses satisfying Learning Outcome #1: Social Science Courses

Social Sciences courses that satisfy  Learning Outcome #1 have not yet been decided on by  faculty. Such courses would satisfy the  Social Sciences Rubric, and will probably be assessed by some subcommittee of the Core Review Committee.

It is anticipated that Social Sciences courses that currently satisfy the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements will satisfy the requirement for Learning Outcome 1. In addition, some of the current Perspectives on the Human Condition courses satisfy this requirement.

BoR regulation R10.04.040.  requires Social Science courses to be

Courses that fulfill this requirement are broad survey courses which provide the student with exposure to the theory, methods, and data of the social sciences.

Note: GELO/GERC/Faculty Alliance want to strike the indicated language.


  • ANTH F100X/SOC F100X–Individual, Society and Culture (3)
  • ECON F100X or PS F100X–Political Economy (3)
  • HIST F100X–Modern World History (3)