Old vs. New vs. Board of Regents

Old Core New GER Board of Regents Regulation R10.04.040.B
38-39 credits, plus 9 upper-division credits 34 – 43 credits, plus 9 upper-division credits at least 34 credits
Quantitative Skills/Natural Sciences 10 credits minimum
Two Natural Science courses One Natural Science course, one Quantitative Literacy course at least 4 credits in the natural sciences, including a
One Mathematics course One Mathematics course at least 3 credits in mathematics
Written Communication Skills 6 credits minimum
ENGL 111 and (ENGL 211 or ENGL 213) ENGL 111 and (ENGL 211 or ENGL 213)
Oral Communication Skills 3 credits minimum
COMM 131 or COMM 141 COMM 131 or COMM 141
Humanities/Social Sciences 15 credits minimum
ANTH F100X/SOC F100X and (ECON F100X or PS F100X) two courses marked Social Sciences at least 6 credits in the social sciences, from 2 different
HIST F100X and ENGL/FL F200X two courses marked humanities at least 3 credits in general humanities
HUM F201X or
one course in the arts, combining theory and practice at least 3 credits in the arts
Not required by the board of regents
BA F323X or
COMM F300X or
JUST F300X or
NRM F303X or
PS F300X or PHIL F322X
 One course  Alaskan and arctic issues
One course Civic  Engagement
One course Intercultural Competence and  Diversity
May be taken as an overlay; need not add additional credits to the total
Successful completion of library skills competency test or (LS F100X or LS F101X) prior to junior standing library and information research included in ENGL 211/213
Two upper-division W courses, one upper-division O course Three upper-division C courses; one capstone course