Alaska and Arctic Issues Across the Curriculum


Knowledge of Alaska and Arctic Issues

Definition: Knowledge of Alaska and Alaskan issues denotes critical understanding of inter-related elements of Alaska’s and the Circumpolar North’s history, cultures, values, communication styles, natural systems, politics and/or economy.

Subject Areas

  1.  Alaska/northern ecosystems and/or climate change
  2.  Indigenous peoples, languages and world views
  3. Intercultural relations and politics in Alaska and the Arctic
  4. Economic development, industry, engineering challenges, and their relation to the environment in the north
  5. Natural resources and systems.

Instructional Objectives:

  • Demonstrate understanding of  the subject matter in one or more of the five broad subject areas listed above
  • Analyze critically questions related to one or more of these fields of study
  • Recognize and analyze the interrelatedness of these systems
  • Compare and contrast circumpolar north regions in examination of a pertinent topic.