Capstone courses or experiences will demonstrate students’ ability to integrate a wide range of learning. Students will make connections among ideas, skills and bodies of knowledge, and synthesize and transfer their learning to new, complex areas of inquiry, products or situations within or beyond conventional coursework.

Instructional Objectives:

Integrate and apply: learning from multiple disciplines and skill sets.

Demonstrate: the ability to contribute to existing bodies of knowledge, work in demanding professional settings, and/or create products relevant to the student’s further educational, career and life goals.

Create: a project or experience that demonstrates the student’s intellectual and practical capabilities at a level expected of one receiving a baccalaureate degree from a major university.

Complete: a body of work that may be evaluated as the culmination of the student’s total baccalaureate education

Minimum criteria for course approval:

  • Require that students demonstrate the appropriate skill levels in communication and/or quantification.
  • Try to integrate learning from as many of the new Attributes as is practicable.
  • Guide students through a project or experience relevant to their educational goals.
  • Provide a basis for evaluating students’ performance in the capstone course, in a form appropriate to the discipline and subject matter.
  • Make completion of all or most General Education Requirements a prerequisite.
  • Be suitable as a means for assessing the General Education Requirements as a whole.

Examples of currently available courses that may be eligible (as is or with minor revisions):

NORS 484 W/O Seminar in Northern Studies: An interdisciplinary seminar focusing on topics relating to the North with emphasis on the physical sciences, the peoples, and the socioeconomic and political aspects of the area. Specialists in the various fields will assign readings and conduct discussions. Prerequisites: ENGL F111X; ENGL F211X or ENGL F213X; junior standing; or permission of instructor. (3+0)

PS F499 W Senior Thesis: Thesis will draw from the literature in at least two sub-fields of political science (U.S. government/politics, political theory, public law, comparative politics, international relations) in its analysis. Prerequisites: ENGL F111X; ENGL F211X or ENGL F213X; PS F101; PS F222; senior standing; permission of instructor. (1.5+0+7.5)*